From corporations, through small businesses to NGOs, we help our clients to identify, establish, and maintain high-value relationships.

With deep analytical thinking, design craftsmanship, and precise touch-points execution, Startling Brands is ready to guide you through the complete creative transformation of your organization.

We do this effectively by integrating branding, marketing, design, and technology in:

Trend Research & Forecasting
Brand & Marketing Strategy
Branding, Naming & Corporate Identity Development

Motion Design
Print & Exhibition Design
Rich Digital Applications

Ipso (International Psychosocial Organization)

Our rebranding of International Psychosocial Organization gets featured in the Design Made in Germany,

as well as in Brand New, and by Transform Magazine.

Gulec Chemicals

Our integrated B2B global branding and marketing solution for Gulec Chemicals gets featured in the leading German design publication Design Made in Germany

as well as in Brandberries, the number one branding gateway of the Middle East and Africa.

and gets spotted by Brand New.

The global magazine for rebranding and brand development Transform also features our work in Transform Monday


“Who says insurance can’t be playful?” asks AIGA’s Eye on Design in their feature about Safetown

The logo and identity system we’ve developed for a Scandinavian online insurance brand Safetown has been spotted by Brand New.

A leading Slovak design and marketing magazine Sketcher writes about Startling Brands Creative Director Mario Dzurila’s unconventional approach to the insurance branding.

Dacha Media

The logo + identity system we’ve developed for Dacha Media in 2017 has been featured on various branding and identity design publications. Veteran branding blog The Branding Source writes about how Startling Brands interprets Dacha Media

Leading publication on brand and corporate design, Brand New features Dacha Media in their spotted section.

London based global magazine for rebranding and brand development Transform reviews our identity as “cutting-through in a heavily media-centric city“ in their Transform Tuesday roundup.