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Mario Dzurila

Mario is Creative Director at Startling Brands, where he is responsible for strategy and new business development. He drives the company’s creative force and works closely with our clients to build their brands, products, and services. Before founding Startling Brands, he worked for more than a decade in the publishing, design, and advertising industries.

Daniil Petunov

Daniil is a graphic designer at Startling Brands. From  initial concepts to final deliveries, Daniil ensures that our design applications remain visually attractive, authentic, and yet there executed with meticulous detail.

Saray López Benito

Saray brings our designs into life. As the motion design lead at Startling Brands, she is responsible for enriching our work with stunning video and animation. Additionally, Saray’s Ph.D. from neuroscience gives us an invaluable insight into the understanding of the relationship between branding and brains.

Florian Grohmann

Florian is responsible for the technology behind the scenes, ensuring we maintain the current technological edge in our digital applications. Coming from bio-engineering, he brings to Startling Brands invaluable insight and ability to solve complex issues with a well-thought systematic approach.

Sonic Branding
Paul Bonomo

Paul Bonomo is a veteran music composer and sound designer living and workin in Berlin. He is responsible for Sonic Branding development at Startling Brands, where he reinforces the identity of our brands with immersive audio experiences.