Volante Ventures

Volante Ventures is a recently launched Norwegian venture capital firm primarily investing in innovative technological companies. Volante deliberately focuses on long-term investments, providing crucial funding to those whose novel ideas have a high potential to positively impact the future.


We needed to create an identity that is just as remarkable as the company’s business concept. The creative strategy was set to visualize investments as the stimuli for elevating innovative ideas. The name Volante derives from the Latin word for “flying”. We decided to convey the feeling of the movement, levitation and synergy, while at the same time envising disruption and the unexpected as part of innovation’s very nature.


The identity system takes its inspiration from the flocking behavior of birds. The symbol is constructed from four Vs that are locked in a flying formation. In the identity applications this collective motion renders the idea that the company intends to highlight. The overall result is a stimulating, eye-catching visual identity that brings together the company’s name, slogan and most importantly, business strategy.