Safetown Insurance
Norway, Sweden and Denmark

Safetown is an online Scandinavian insurance brand that launched in 2017 and specializes primarily in car insurance. Operating across Norway, Denmark and Sweden, Safetown redefines the insurance industry by introducing novel concepts of customer responsibility into its marketing. The company approached us with the task of developing an identity system aimed at providing a high degree of flexibility to communicate this strategy across multiple marketing channels.

Get the Green Light

The design approach for the identity system was defined alongside two objectives: First, to emphasize Safetown’s portfolio of mostly vehicle insurance product, and, second, to create a visual metaphor for Safetown’s core marketing message: offering better insurance premiums to customers who are safe and responsible drivers. To underline both, we’ve based the identity system on Scandinavian traffic signage and have constructed the logotype in a way that it resembles a semaphore. The green light awards those who drive carefully, while the red light serves as a warning to those whose bad driving will affect their insurance premiums.

Caution: Brand At Work

The unusual use of the traffic signage helped Safetown to stand out immediately from its competition. The use of widely-known traffic symbols across the brand’s marketing channels effectively created a memorable link to the product. The semaphore constructed from three stacked “o” letters creates possiblites for witty typography-based copywriting, which gives Safetown an extra set of visual tools for easy brand recognition.

In the crowded competitive landscape of Scandinavian online insurance providers we’ve managed to make a dent by utilizing the simple visual assets of every day transoportation. With the bold and unconventional execution of the entire identity system, we have helped Safetown to get noticed while at the same time giving the company’s marketing team tools for powerful storytelling.