Gulec Chemicals

Gulec Chemicals is a chemicals company headquartered in Nuremberg, Germany. They are a leading producer of non-halogenated flame retardants used in various products spanning the fields of aviation, architecture, transportation, and furniture.

In 2022, we supported Gulec with new marketing communication tools, a website, and an extensive branding update

Startling Brands Berlin Germany B2B Branding Agile Brand Strategy

Agile brand strategy for recovering post-Covid markets

Supporting struggling customers

Gulec’s 2022 agile brand strategy focuses on struggling flame retardant customers. It enhances their ability to easily access contracted post-Covid markets using Gulec’s flame retardancy solutions.

The “test-apply-benefit” messaging communicates effortless implementation of Gulec’s products to unlock previously inaccessible market opportunities. This means that smaller customers without dedicated flame retardant R&D can now compete in lucrative public transportation, automotive, or aviation markets that are heavily regulated by fire standards.

The new “360° Fire Protection” brand promise encourages customers to expand their existing product portfolio to a previously unheard-of spectrum of flame-retarded materials for the entire train cabin, airplane or car interior.

A robust yet content-lean new website

The SEO-driven B2B marketing touchpoint

Gulec’s new website with its tailored keyword content targets SEO queries of potential customers seeking solutions to produce flame-retarded materials for niche industries such as aviation, automotive, healthcare, and public transport. The updated industry and applications icon set enriches the new website and new branding assets with engaging and easy-to-grasp visual cues.

Startling Brands Berlin Germany B2B Branding Agile Brand Strategy

Cutting through the B2B marketing noise

Sleek and factual technical marketing toolset

Reflecting the need for messaging that cuts through the noise of B2B marketing overloaded with dense technical content, we have audited, reviewed, and edited all of Gulec’s existing marketing assets. The new lean company overview brochures offer factual, straight-to-the-point information about Gulec and its offerings.

The new quick-to-grasp technical social media posts drive LinkedIn engagement with factual messaging.

Startling Brands Berlin Germany B2B Branding Agile Brand Strategy
Startling Brands Berlin Germany B2B Branding Agile Brand Strategy