Unlock imagination, insight and craftmanship as driving forces behind the category–leading brands

We are a curiosity-driven independent branding and design firm providing integrated researchstrategybrand identity developmentwayfinding, and brand experience services to help our clients create, grow, and manage their brands.

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We connect brands with people through

Brand Landscape Research

Identify unique opportunities. Recognize your competitors’ strengths and weaknesses

Brand Strategy Development

Define what drives your purpose, your brand stands for, and with whom it should resonate

Naming and Naming Systems

Express your brand’s unique story with trademarkable names and product naming systems

Brand Identity Development

Build a compelling brand image. Scale it to all channels to build  brand awareness

Startling Brands Explore Conference Branding Visual Identity Planet Labs
Startling Brands Explore Conference Branding Visual Identity Planet Labs
See how we have helped Planet to connect their brand with its stakeholders.
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We connect products with customers through

Positioning & Repositioning

Adjust your existing brand strategy and positioning, minimize missteps, and maximize proven results.

Brand Architecture Consolidation

Build comprehensive sub-brands systems to help your customers navigate easily through your offerings

Brand Refresh and Extension

Fine-tune your current brand identity. Extend it with new applications reflecting your organization’s growth 

360° Brand Activation

From websites, through brochures to LinkedIn templates. Activate your brand across all channels through captivating branding touchpoints

Startling Brands Branding Berlin Germany Agile Brand Strategy B2B
See how we have helped Gulec to connect their B2B product with new customers
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We connect people with spaces through

Spatial Brand Experience Strategy

Define how your brand translates into physical environments

Workplace / Office Branding

Build the brand equity and drive authentic employee engagement in workplace environments

Wayfinding and Spatial Design

Create immersive design applications for places people love to use and help them navigate through them

Startling Brands Branding Agency Berlin Wayfinding Environmental Graphic Design for Contentful
Startling Brands Branding Agency Berlin Wayfinding Environmental Graphic Design for Contentful
See how we have helped Contentful to translate its brand into their new Berlin workplace
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We connect diverse audiences through

Brand Impact Awareness

Understand your brand’s socio-cultural impact. Benefit from the synergy with its surrounding environment

Inclusivity Sensitive Design

Understand and build inclusive and human-centered brands and brand experience environments

Startling Brands NGO Nonprofit Branding Visual Identity Berlin Germany Ipso International Psychosocial Organization
Startling Brands NGO Nonprofit Branding Visual Identity Berlin Germany Ipso International Psychosocial Organization
See how we have helped International Psychosocial Organization to connect diverse audiences to amplify their impact
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Three Principles of Our Work

Curiosity in Action

We value every opportunity to address creative and strategic challenges with enthusiasm. Our approach is grounded in a robust problem-solving framework, fine-tuned for each unique project. Fueled by curiosity about our clients’ visions, we craft bespoke solutions that align closely with their goals, steering away from cookie-cutter methods

Transparent Integrity, Fair Exchange

Our project estimates are meticulously crafted for clarity and fairness. We adhere to industry-standard pricing and ensure equitable compensation. While we align with German branding and design market rates, we also provide accessible rates to non-profits and startups with a strong drive for positive impact.

Be kind, do good

We are committed to fostering transparent communication and addressing challenges proactively. We consciously choose to collaborate with organizations that align with our values of kindness and justice, and we distance ourselves from entities that promote hate or deceit.

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Press & Media Recognition


The architectural platform Amazing Architecture writes about Contentful in “The Future Workspace: Contentful Berlin, Germany by toi toi toi creative studio

The graphic design community platform Abduzeedo writes about how “Startling Brands helps Contentful to create a three dimensional brand experience in its new office

The Middle East branding publication Brandberries praises Contentful project in their feature about “Celebrating The Inclusivity And Playfulness Of The Tech Unicorn Brand Through Wayfinding And Spatial Graphic Design

“Smart, playful, inclusive: This is a different signage system” writes leading German graphic design magazine Page in a feature about our wayfinding and environmental graphic design project we did for Contentful.

The Design Made in Germany publication features this project on their top list.

The global architectural and interior design publication Frame asks “IS THIS BERLIN OFFICE THE HEIGHT OF AGILE WORKPLACE DESIGN?” in the feature about our the work of interior designer partners T3 toi toi toi creative studio.

The OnOffice magazine dedicated architecture and design at work says that “Wellness and inclusivity are at the heart of the new Contentful hub in Berlin” in the feature about our the work of interior designer partners T3 toi toi toi creative studio.

Ipso (International Psychosocial Organization)

Our rebranding of International Psychosocial Organization gets featured in the Design Made in Germany,

as well as in Brand New, and by Transform Magazine.

Gulec Chemicals

Our integrated B2B global branding and marketing solution for Gulec Chemicals gets featured in the leading German design publication Design Made in Germany

as well as in Brandberries, the number one branding gateway of the Middle East and Africa.

and gets spotted by Brand New.

The global magazine for rebranding and brand development Transform also features our work in Transform Monday


“Who says insurance can’t be playful?” asks AIGA’s Eye on Design in their feature about Safetown

The logo and identity system we’ve developed for a Scandinavian online insurance brand Safetown has been spotted by Brand New.

A leading Slovak design and marketing magazine Sketcher writes about Startling Brands’s unconventional approach to the insurance branding.

Dacha Media

The logo + identity system we’ve developed for Dacha Media has been featured on various branding and identity design publications. veteran branding blog The Branding Source writes about how Startling Brands interprets Dacha Media

Leading publication on brand and corporate design, Brand New features Dacha Media in their spotted section.

London based global magazine for rebranding and brand development Transform reviews our identity as “cutting-through in a heavily media-centric city“ in their Transform Tuesday roundup.