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SEGD Global Design Award Wayfinding Startling Brands Berlin

Hot News:
🎉 We have been awarded the 2023 SEGD Global Design Merit Award for our Contentful Wayfinding system

UP42 Workplace Brand Experience, Wayfinding and Placemaking

We have helped UP42 to connect its workplace with the people through Earth-inspired spatial design system

Contentful Office Wayfinding & Workplace Brand Experience Design

Discover how’ve helped Contentful to translate its brand and culture into their new 8215m2 Berlin workplace

Startling Brands Branding Agency Berlin Wayfinding Environmental Graphic Design for Contentful

Planet Explore 2021

See how’ve helped Planet to reinforce its status of a truly global geospatial brand

Startling Brands Planet Explore 21 Conference Visual Identity Branding Motion Design

Ipso (International Psychosocial Organization)

The universal value of a smile brought diverse audiences together

Startling Brands NGO Nonprofit Branding Visual Identity Berlin Germany Ipso International Psychosocial Organization