Contemi AS
UK, Norway, Vietnam

Contemi is a long-term client of ours. After the executive board decided to fully commercialize Contemi as a specialist IT and consultancy company within the insurance industry, we were asked to deliver a rebranding program that reflects this new position.

Contemi is a company with an industry non-traditional business model. While their competition exclusively focuses on delivering IT solutions to insurance companies, Contemi reaches beyond by directly engaging in strategic partnerships with insurance start-ups. We’ve faced the challenge of creating an identity for a company of seasoned insurance professionals who at the same time excel in the development of a robust insurance software platform.

Contemi Context

A key part of Contemi’s commercialization process was to make sure that their main product (the Contemi Insurance System Platform) meets the necessary marketing criteria. First of all, we changed its name to Contemi Context. In tandem with the new name, we created an identity system that provides high-scalability and customizable brand architecture for various modules within the platform itself. By using our identity system, Contemi is now able to market the platform as a whole, while at the same time having the tools to present each module on its own.


Contemi’s unique selling point is real-life insurance expertise that has been translated into the development of software solutions. We’ve reflected it by creating a bold, typography-based identity system with a vibrant color scheme. Contemi’s CI is also highly adaptable and accommodates the company’s various products and services. The overall solution remains functionally and aesthetically loyal to Contemi’s Scandinavian origin.