Planet Labs
San Francisco, CA

Planet Labs is an American private Earth-imaging company based in San Francisco. Following a January 2021 launch of 48 Planet SuperDoves, the company now operates a global constellation of over 200 active satellites. Their goal is to image the entirety of the Earth daily to monitor changes and pinpoint trends.

Planet SuperDove Satellite


Brining the conference brand experience to homes around the world

In 2020, we continued to work with Planet’s in-house design team on the visual identity for the Planet Explore 2020 conference. Given the situation with the Coronavirus pandemic, Explore 2020, initially planned as a live event in San Francisco for October 2020, had to be quickly transformed into a digital format


From Discovery To Impact

While the first edition of Explore 19 – themed as “What Will You Discover?” – focused on how earth-imaging benefits businesses and organizations around the world, the 2020 edition – themed as “From Discovery to Impact” – explored the direct effect of satellite imagery-based data-driven decisions in agriculture, government, and climate-change mitigation.

We interpreted this theme by using a visual metaphor of the dichotomy between discovery and impact. A diagonal stripe, the primary identity vehicle, paired with Planet’s beautiful satellite imagery, represented the analytic data layer empowering Planet’s customers.

With the sudden switch to a digital format, we had to reinvent the original logo by creating a new corner lock-up, creating a screen-friendly branding touchpoint. The diagonal element has been further used in motion design applications, giving the visual identity a more dynamic style.


Connecting people and ideas through the power of a transformative brand

Despite the many sudden challenges that 2020 brought, we delivered a dynamic conference identity solution with branding touchpoints across its entire digital environment. From the homes of guest speakers such as Al Gore, Jane Goodall, and Kenneth Roth to the living rooms of conference attendees around the world, our work helped to convey the feeling of unity aligned behind the positive impact that Planet’s satellite imagery brings to the world.

Planet’s CEO Will Marshall on the stage with the Former Vice President of the USA Al Gore