UP42 Workplace Brand Experience, Wayfinding and Placemaking

From Orbit to Office: Bringing the Grandeur of Earth into UP42’s Workspace


UP42, Germany


Aerospace, Earth Observation, Geospatial Analytics


Brand Experience Strategy and Design, Wayfinding, Environmental Graphic Design, Placemaking

Year Completed


Project Photography

Startling Brands, toi toi toi creative studio

UP42 is a geospatial developer platform and marketplace for earth observation data and analytics. It empowers organizations of all sizes to harness the power of geospatial data and analytics by making it easier to find, buy, and use products from existing providers. The company is a subsidiary of Airbus.

In 2023, we partnered with UP42 in collaboration with interior design firm toi toi toi creative studio to develop a brand experience, spatial design, and wayfinding system for its new office in Berlin Kreuzberg.

INSPIRED BY The breathtaking tapestry of our earth

Translating orbital vantage point into a brand experience

Utilizing satellite imagery has benefited humanity in numerous ways. From enhancing crop health and better forest management to promptly reacting to emergencies, daily earth imaging has dramatically improved our life on earth. Yet, the most profound impact has always been emotional. Observing the stunning beauty of earth’s diverse landscapes reinforced our perspective to value the grandeur and vulnerability of our planet—our only home.

To help UP42 emphasize this impact and connect its brand and product with employees and customers, we developed a wayfinding and spatial brand experience design concept inspired by the stunning tapestry of crop fields seen from space.

Modular pattern design

Offering variability for different workplace privacy needs

For the applications on the glass—spanning across the meeting rooms and phone booths throughout the office space—we created a modular pattern construction that enables us to create unique designs catering to different privacy needs while adding visual interest to the area and avoiding a monotonous look.

Playful wayfinding system

Enhancing the workplace usability

We equipped the 600 m² workplace with a wayfinding system consisting of directional signage, meeting room signage, and various utility signs to improve the workplace usability. The combination of blue-and-black acrylic materials matches the earth tones-inspired interior design concept developed by toi toi toi creative studio.

The directional signage wraps around the corners to make the system more accessible by being seen from various viewpoints. Meanwhile, the utility signs help users navigate the network of numerous light switches, a legacy of the electrical system in the historical, state-protected monument building.



Connecting people with the brand through workplace design

The overall solution helped UP42 to connect its brand with the people through a spatial design system that avoided often overused space-related themes that are characteristic of the aerospace industry. By creating down-to-earth work that paid homage to the beautiful tapestry of our planet, we added a visually stimulating touch to the workplace with applications that referenced UP42’s product in an exciting and authentic way.