Sweden, Norway, Denmark

WaterCircles is a Scandinavian company that offers both private and commercial insurance lines. WaterCircles insurance focuses heavily on taking a more environmental approach to their claims handling. The company is located in Norway, Sweden and Denmark.

environmentally conscious Scandinavian brand

Building an eco-friendly claim handling insurance brand

WaterCircles came to Startling Brands in need of a brand identity for a unique model of insurance services aimed at environmentally conscious customers in Sweden, Norway and Denmark. WaterCircles partners with a network of environmental NGOs and charities in Scandinavia in order to offer their customers eco-friendly claim handling solutions and also to engage them in environment protection programs. Startling Brand’s strategy was to develop a brand identity that clearly communicates WaterCircle’s core philosophy without resorting to the use of the clichés that are so common in green product branding.


A small change can create a big impact

We wanted to visualize how our individual actions are interconnected, how a small change in our behavior can create a big impact on maintaining a sustainable environment. Instead of using symbols typical of nature, we came up with an icon constructed from an interdependent set of circles that together geometrically create a water drop. The identity system had to be adaptable to be easily used across all their Scandinavian branches, with a strong focus on their extensive marketing and advertising activities. Apart from delivering a full branding solution, we supported WaterCircles in their initial phase with the creative and art direction for their printed and digital advertising.