Granden, Slovakia

GRANDEN, formerly known as K Finance, is a corporate insurance broker based in Bratislava, Slovakia. The company approached us with a desire to mark its thirteenth anniversary with a complete makeover of their brand, including changing the company name, visual identity, and coming up with a new brand strategy to further support planned expansion goals in the central European market as well as securing their position on the Slovak insurance brokerage market.

We started with a name change

The management concluded that its former name, K Finance, no longer reflected the company’s market position nor its ambition to profile itself as a specialist broker in the field of large business risk insurance. The naming brief had to underline this objective alongside finding a memorable and multilingualy appealing name to ensure smooth expansion into other CEE markets. The thorough renaming process resulted in us choosing GRANDEN as the new company name. Rooted in Latin, GRANDEN (grand, great, huge) efficiently reflects the company’s prime focus on large industries and their insurance risks.

We chose a bold visual identity to match an ambitious business strategy

The new company name needed to be paired with an ambitious and complementary visual identity system. Due to the nature of company’s core business and diverse corporate client range, our objective was to develop a technical, yet elegant visual identity. A robust dark red and navy color scheme was paired with a powerful and geometrical FF Oxide font to create a clean, bold and highly adaptable look across all of the company’s visual output.

A competent branding firm needs to eliminate all possible obstacles prior the launch

Changing a company name – followed by all the necessary rebranding – is a very challenging and elaborate process. Our role as a branding firm was to guide the GRANDEN team through this transformation as smoothly as a possible, with a well-planned production roadmap of all the branding output. Prior to the launch we designed and developed a new company website that was supported offline with beautiful custom made invitation cards, direct mails, stationery and marketing materials.

With our ability to ensure the on-time delivery of all the necessary assets we helped GRANDEN to successfully launch their new brand in September 2016. The rebranding received immediate positive feedback from GRANDEN’s clients.