Planet Labs
San Francisco, USA

Planet Labs is an American private Earth-imaging company based in San Francisco. The company designs and manufactures miniature satellites called Doves. Each Dove is equipped with a high-powered telescope and camera programed to capture different swaths of Earth. Planet has the world’s largest satellite constellation, which provides a complete image of Earth once per day at an optical resolution of 3–5 m

A full-scale aersopace conference branding solution

Creating a thought-provoking conference brand

In 2019, Planet launched Explore, a conference that brings together industry thought-leaders, customers, partners, end-users, and developers for two days of learning and discussion about the pivotal role of satellite imagery in the monitoring and management of urgent planetary issues such as coral bleaching, deforestation, illegal fishing, and wildfires.

We partnered with Planet’s in-house team to deliver a full-scale conference branding solution.

Startling Brands Explore Conference Branding Visual Identity Planet Labs


What Will You Discover?

The design strategy for Explore’s visual identity outlined two goals: to connect with Planet’s overall visual identity and to create a graphic solution that could accommodate Planet’s stunning satellite imagery.

Focusing on the conference’s central theme of “What will you discover?”, we built a visual metaphor for exploration by slicing the top off the circle that represents Earth in Planet’s existing logo.

The resulting symbol, revealing various satellite imagery, was used as a primary way to express the idea of exploring Earth on a wide range of marketing materials —from invitation cards, through keynotes slides to the conference swag.


A Successful Lift-off

The overall solution was able to effectively enhance Planet’s current visual identity, while meeting all of the company’s branding and marketing objectives for its first-ever aerospace conference event.