Jilana, Czech Republic

Jilana is the leading producer of innovative non – wovens, technical fleeces and organic home textiles in the Czech Republic.The history of the company dates back to 1774, and during the 20 th century Jilana grew to become one of the largest factories in Czechoslovakia.


Startling Brands partnered with Jilana in 2013 to deliver a complex re-branding program for a well-established manufacturer with a long-standing tradition in both the Czech and Slovak markets and with the ambition to expand their sales abroad. Jilana required not only the revitalization their current brand, but urgently needed large-scale brand architecture to accommodate their extensive portfolio of products. We needed to create an integrated identity that would work coherently throughout their full range of brand and marketing output, such as website, product catalogs and samplers, posters, leaflets, advertising, labels, technical documentation and merchandise.


The brand development strategy was based on two main goals. Firstly, to revitalize their current brand and give it a modern, simplified and striking look. This would then be adapted as a brand vehicle for their large portfolio of products. In order to help Jilana market more effectively, we created a robust brand architecture intended to deliver clarity, a hierarchy and a system for the easy integration of new products.

The result was a unified branding program working throughout the wide spectrum of their online and offline communication. We were able to deliver Jilana’s marketing team a powerful tool to boost their sales both at home and abroad.